FINDING Inspiration
Le Corbusier, Niemeyer, Dior, Abloh, Hadid are just a few of the names from an exclusive group that have been able to transform lives and lifestyles through the discipline of design. These and other disruptors inspire and motivate our own pursuits of change, impact and evoking emotion.



We understand that design is more than just aesthetics. It is a multi-faceted, organic process that influences every element of a project. It is about creating experiences, destinations, sensations; adding value to each interaction. By considering all the aspects that define a space: history, setting, purpose and people, we synthesize and transform that inspiration into tangible environments which resonate with our clients. Focused on the relevance of artistic direction, we place great importance on the juxtaposition of well-edited classic and contemporary selections.

Ju Rocha, LA's top luxury commercial and residential interior designer
THE Visionary

Connection inspires me and greatly informs my design process. To me, spaces are not disconnected from who we are; They are a part of us, as inhabitants. Spaces influence us, as well as, reflect us. Quality is an imperative in all of my work. Without quality, much of the purpose is lost, and connection is unlikely. I believe in the power of physical spaces and strive to ensure these thoughtfully designed environments push for connection. Together we will collaborate to uncover this connection and maximize the potential of your space.

DESIGN Manifesto

Why.  What is more important than why? Attempting to find meaning and connection are often intertwined in the pursuit of why. The soul longs for authenticity and peace, that feeling of knowing that all is right. There is a sense of belonging and affirmation in places that imbue this sensibility.


Should environments or places be a lesser consideration in the grand “why”s of life? We believe place is a component of our being: who we are and how we feel at a given moment. We are mindful about what defines “place”. Beyond aesthetics, and even function, we influence and establish a place’s inherent value. Many of us value similar things in our environment, perhaps prioritized differently. Our role at Rocha Design Studio is to identify and prioritize values for a space to be fully realized in the context of a client’s vision.


Thoughtful design can transcend the visual and create an everlasting experience, engaging all of those who encounter and inhabit the place. 

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
– Chinese Proverb

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