R O C H A Design Studio
R O C H A Design Studio is a team of individual experts collaborating to produce thoughtful spaces that connect, tell stories and evoke emotion. We have a team of In-house project managers, designers, as well as a network of partners architects, engineers, kitchen consultants, contractors, and builders. We believe in transparency and clear communication. Our work includes a diverse range of projects on a variety of scales.


Our past informs our future whether we pull it forward with us and apply it to our present, or carve a new path – an alternative to what has come before. I believe compelling design strikes a balance between the two. We are not blank slates but we can experience new beginnings and how we inform our environments is a key component of these new beginnings. 

Growing up in Curitiba, Brazil, I learned at an early age how architecture has the ability to empower a strong sense of community. Curitiba’s cityscape is an exemplary model of urban planning and is recognized as a global leader for urban sustainability. So, when I eventually moved to Sao Paulo, the 4th largest city in the world, I was confronted with and reminded of the importance of responsible design, and, conversely, the consequences of poor design. This understanding was emphasized further in my continued travels around the world. The value of symbiotic architecture and design has been my professional focus for the past 20 plus years here in the United States.


– Ju Rocha

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